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- Vendor Mall
This is to allow staff to set up a vendor mall anywhere in Britannia. The mall area will be automatically guarded from mobs (a guarded region). You can thus even setup you mall inside a dungeon as a black market.

- Vendors
There are 3 types of staff setup walking vendors and 1 stationed player run vendor. The walking vendors will not go away but wandering inside the mall region.

a) Commissioned Vendor
They are enhanced version of Player Vendors, setup and run by players. They can be set to basing on sales commissions instead of a daily charge. They bill a percentage on every sales transaction. Players no longer need to worry about the dismissal of their vendors due to the lack of funds. This is true especially in the less crowded shards.

Commissioned vendors are fully functioning when in Malls. When bringing home, they function the same except that auction/biding will not be possible, as auction/biding is allowed only in malls.

Since they are inherited from Player Vendor, you can treat them as traditional Player Vendors, and to place items to their backpacks to sell them in the classical way. (use IsComm to switch)

b) Wandering Trader
They are vendors selling any items you specify. They will only walk inside the defined mall region and will not wander away. They are owner setup vendors selling unique items. They can also be set up to allow bidding and auctioning.

c) Pet Seller
Although all 4 types of vendors are capable of selling pets, pet sellers are more specialized in that they show off the selling pets when players are around. That is, they are actually selling your pets.

d) Restocker Vendor
They sell non-unique items with their inventory automatically refilled, more or less like the usual NPC vendors. The difference is that, the shard owners/staff in game can dynamically place items and pets for them to sell. When the value IsBulk is set, the Restocker vendor can sell items with quantity up to 60000 and inventory level will not drop along time.

- Auction
Players can place bids or bargain back on selling items and pets. I actually forgot how it works. It is disabled by default. You may have to try it out by yourself if you’d like to use this feature.

- unrar the package and place it to your Custom folder
- to merge the "distro" scripts
- start server

There are only 3 distro files you need to change, and only slide changes are made in the 3 scripts
1. PlayerVendor.cs
2. BaseVendor
3. Snooping.cs

You need to merge the parts marked with “#region Vendor Mall…”

Find a suitable location to setup your mall. Then type [manager to spawn the mall manager
You can then single click on the manager to open the Mall Setup menu, and to choose to mark your Mall region. When the region is marked, the walking vendors can be spawned and they will only walk inside the region. You can then test to see if the marked region works. Just try to walk in the mall region and on entering a message will show up saying “Welcome to XXX’s Mall.”

You can setup multiple areas as one region when necessary. However, you need to test to make sure that each area works before spawning the vendors. If a certain area doesn't work, you may need to first remove all areas then re-add them. This is so because “Region” doesn't seem to work reliably on a multiple area region.

- Set up Vendor Tiles
Place the vendor tiles. To do so, you need to stand on a spot and click on yourself to place the tile on your standing position.

Spawn the walking vendors, that is, the Wandering Traders, Pet Sellers and Restocker vendors. You can then add the selling items and pets to the spawned vendors.
Players/Staff can now purchase the commissioned vendor deeds and auction account books from the mall manager. They can run their commissioned vendors in the mall or in their own houses.

Package de-installation/removal:
- delete all vendors in mall
- delete the manager
- type [Save to save the shard, which will force a proper after deletion clean-up
- then type [SaveStone to go to the Mall Save Stone which is used to store auction records and etc., and [remove it
- shut down the server and remove the package

Bonus Package
There is also a PS seller which is independently developed. You can place it inside a mall, or to spawn it using a spawner. To place it to a vendor mall, just type “[add powermage”. This way, they will only walk inside the mall region just like the walking vendors.

A PS seller sells random Power Scrolls and Stat Scrolls. If your shard is short of PS supplies, you can use it to sell the PS. You need only to set up the 120 scroll prices and the 115 and 110 scroll price will be automatically calculated. To change the prices, you can add a PsPriceStone (using [add PsPriceStone) to keep track with the prices. When the prices of the 115 and 110 scrolls are set to below 2000, prices will be automatically calculated from that of the corresponding 120 scrolls.

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